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Power from the sun ...
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PPSI  Engineering office
Dipl. Ing. Peter VESPERMANN
Grasehorstweg 36
D  -  12589 Berlin

Tel.: +49(0)30-654 898 60
Fax: +49(0)30-654 898 62


"We are confronted with the biggest structural change in the economy since the beginning of the industrial age."
Carl-A. Fechner (* 1953) | Journalist and documentary filmmaker to Global Issues

Free solar energy for generating power using photovoltaic systems

With the decreasing costs of highly productive photovoltaic systems increases the willingness of consumers to produce their power on their own. Even though the reimbursement rates specified is low many cost efficient photovoltaic projects are still implemented. The power produced with photovoltaic systems can be used for personal requirements or fed back into the power supply system.

Good reasons to choose a photovoltaic system
House owners do not just help the climate by reducing CO2-emissions but save money by using the free sun power too.

Power from the power supply system is expensive:



this is the reason why in the future the compensation for electricity fed into the grid is not going to be in the lime light but the power saving through home requirements. With the increasing power prices increases the financial benefit of the home requirements. Last but not least with the investment of a photovoltaic system increases the value of the house.

Save energy and protect the climate

Photovoltaic technology, which means the production of power from sun power, is a modern and reliable opportunity. Photovoltaic systems produce power throughout the day which is the prime time when power is needed.

Solar power has a safe future

Installing a photovoltaic system on the roof turns every homeowner into a power generator. In fact, it´s really quite simple, just secure a module on your roof, plug cables together, connect the inverter, and the system is ready to go. This power is fed directly into the public grid. The number of house builders interested in this form of power generation is continuing to rise.

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