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Your energy demand – our green solutions
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PPSI  Engineering office
Dipl. Ing. Peter VESPERMANN
Grasehorstweg 36
D  -  12589 Berlin

Tel.: +49(0)30-654 898 60
Fax: +49(0)30-654 898 62


Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal systems produce environmental friendly power and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Thought through and perfected solar thermal energy systems can do much more than just produce hot water. In connection with energy efficient house concepts the complete heat requirement of a house can be produced. Technical perfected and thought through storage technologies have a high effectiveness and achieve excellent results. In sight of the increasing power costs and the higher government aid it is worthwhile to invest into a solar thermal system.

Operating mode
To achieve high profits technical more and more engineered flat and evacuated tube collector are used.

Information: In the past solar collectors were mainly used to produce warm water, however nowadays many solar thermal energy systems are installed to be a combination of warm water production and heating systems.



The prices for solar thermal systems depend on the chosen collectors and the purpose of the system. Smaller complete systems to produce warm water including a storage system cost around 4,200 $AUD. The costs for solar thermal energy systems including vacuum evacuated tube collectors can be more than 10,000 $AUD.
>br> The immediate change to renewable energy is not a burden but the biggest palpable social and economic opportunity of the future.

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